CCF makes projects of urbanisations, structures, drainage, waters and building inventory.


The studies prepared by CCF are related to structures, hydraulics, environment, feasibility, etc.


CCF has been able to demonstrate to judges and private clients, accurate and clearly explained analysis about construction or budgets evaluations.


Structure, hydraulic or geotechnical calculations made by CCF has allowed its clients to find a solution’s optimisation under safety conditions while respecting a budget limitation.

Projects analysis and Tenders

CCF has established a close collaboration with construction companies. In this way CCF has analysed a great number of Projects regarding feasibility, planning and measurements.


CCF INGENIERIA represents in the Levante area the company GOSESA, specialized in the installation of metal bends for the support of large loads in foundations. GOSESA covers everything from the project to the completion of the assembly work, disassembly and removal of the projected bending.